Year: 2011

At first glance, what do you see?

December 3, 2011

When my client Green Construction a prominent Boston construction company, called upon me to capture one of their latest and greatest creations (Boston Children Hospital North) they understood that taking their iphone in hand, compose and click off some photos of this awesome structure to post on their website is NOT going to cut it…

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The secret to levitation…

November 1, 2011

When a multibillion dollar international scientific corporation call on their photographer to inject life into their super product, this is no time to let them down. This is a good time to pull out the smoke and mirrors and defy gravity right before their eyes.

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A nice shot

October 1, 2011

As a commercial photographer it is imperative that I keep my creative skills sharp and ready to perform at a moment’s notice or spur of the moment. In this photo, you will see a good example of what I mean by the spur of the moment requests from clients from time to time. Here’s a…

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The birth of a circuit board

September 1, 2011

So, do you ever wonder what is really going on inside those little cell phones, ipods, ipads, laptops, kindles, nooks, blackberry, bluetooth, androids, gameboys, xbox, joysticks….etc? Well, its simple, its all about the guts and how it is all connected together by their “Mother” or companies such as Vitronics Soltec. Vitronics Soltec (Mother) have been…

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Tiny bubbles in the wine!

August 1, 2011

What’s new is the Roberts taste enhancing wine ware. That’s right folks, you read it right. This very wise client of mine has discovered something as simple as texture close to the rim of wine glasses dramatically enhances the taste of the wine. This technology is heavily patented, backed by a prominent CA winery and…

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A woman's dream shoot!

July 1, 2011

This month’s photo is hot off the press. It will be used to grace the cover of my client’s latest footwear catalog. Photographing footwear can be a huge challenge in the wrong hands. “Great results requires precision lighting” Do you know anyone in need of precision lighting? No doubt, it was precision lighting that got…

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A great walkway really makes all the difference!

June 1, 2011

Its still spring and a rainy day to boot so I thought It would be nice to send you some sunshine to brighten your day. This images was created for my client a prominent Boston Architect, landscape and wallscape designer. Upon completion of this project for his client, the scenery around the property was stunning…

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Here fishie, fishie, fishie…

May 1, 2011

Well, its about time someone lookout for America’s children. My client, a large fish processing company saw the need to help in combating obesity in school age children in America has stepped up to the plate. They came up with a number of very healthy and wholesome all baked NOT fried fish entrees to be…

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My new (dream) home!

April 1, 2011

This month’s photo was captured for my client SimpleHome for one of their clients. Everyone should have a pool like this in their home. My assignment here was to capture the smart technology SimpleHome had designed and installed in this beautiful and very luxurious poolroom. The technology includes all the lighting in the room which…

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Ok, I'm hungry now!

March 1, 2011

This month, I’m featuring the simple “Old School” American food, the Lobster Roll. Although I would never touch or consume it, my client needed a mouthwatering and appetizing image for their marketing campaign. As a commercial photographer, my job was to capture this dish in its best light. As you know, lighting is the key…

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