My sister!

Smiling man and woman

This month, the featured photo is the work of my talented sister Barbara. Barbara is Boston’s best kept custom fashion designer secret, but not anymore… I know its tempting to be bias when speaking of family, so let the work speak for itself through great photography…OF COURSE!! : )

For as long as I can remember, Barbara has designed and produced her own clothing and women accessories. For the past few years, she has been focusing on custom designs for women who demands that one of a kind look, hence “HATTITUDE” You see, ladies who goes to the Kentucky Derby and that sort of thing, take their HATS and accessories very seriously, especially the HAT.

So go ahead, take a look at that HAT but don’t overlook the cool BAG she also designed. Although it wouldn’t be a good thing, I’m sure even the horses at the derby will stop to take notice. Oh! By the way, the lovely model happens to be Barbara’s daughter or should I say my niece? That being said, don’t forget the photography…after all, this is the photo of the month…. Right? : )