As HOT as ICE!

Etonic shoe

When my client Jackrabbit Design called on me to create this cover shot for their client Bauer Hockey Inc, I was honored and jumped to the occasion.

I can recall back in the 80s while attending photography school, creating images that defies gravity was by far my greatest passion. This is something I really enjoyed doing, but most of all, I like the thought provoking aspect that causes the viewer to wonder…Now, how did he do that?? So, when the call came to create this image, there were no reservations whatsoever. Lets just say, it was just what the doctor ordered.

Just for the records folks, this shot was captured in real time “no photoshop tricks here”….captured just as you see it. Thank you very much!! : )

Please enjoy and pass it along to contacts who might be interested in “EXTREMELY HOT” photography.