Don’t Always Trust Your Eyes!

Plastic tools

Don’t always trust your eyes! It’s not what you think….it’s an illusion…its not REAL.

When my client Network World called on me to create this images, they had no idea I was an illusionist. Most people when witnessing an illusion, remain in awe throughout the presentation. My client in this case was no different as she observed the creation of the background seen in this photograph. This image was captured in my studio in realtime with no Photoshop tricks whatsoever….one shot then print it.

You say, how did you do it Gerry? Well, as you know, serious illusionist never reveal their tricks….right? : )
This much I will say, the talent playing the king, the throne, the crown, the robe and the Network World issue were all REAL.

Please enjoy this image and pass it along to contacts who might be interested in keeping it REAL even when it’s not.