A Brief Reflection..

Man using lab sample viewer

Twenty four years ago when Evelyn Images was born, the first question my wife Marcia asked me was “WILL YOU BE PHOTOGRAPHING GIRLS?” Needless to say, my answer was no. As time goes on, it became clear to me that photographing product with a few GIRLS here and there wouldn’t be the same as photographing “GIRLS” Right? So when my client Data Associates call on me to photograph a sea of human size Guinness cutouts for their latest AD campaign with nice GIRLS mixed in, I quickly said bring it on please! : ) …Hey, there’s nothing wrong with Guinness GIRLS!! Right? Help me out here folks…

Okay, my Marcia don’t know this yet so please don’t throw me under the bus. ; )

Please enjoy this images and pass it along to contacts who might be interested in real photography. Real because no Photoshop was used here……Yes, those are real GIRLS!