Easy Going… Everything is possible!

Smiling man sitting legs crossed

If you’re looking at the photo of the month, you might be thinking, why is Gerry dressed up in a suit and tie while sitting in a meditation pose holding a chalk and chalkboard eraser. Right? That would be a reasonable thought folks.

Hmm…, did you read the title of my photo of the month? “Easy Going… Everything is possible”?

You see folks, paying close attention to my clients needs is very important to me as I would not be happy unless they’re happy. So when my client Lisa of The Boston Globe asked me to play model for this project, I was honored and jumped to the occasion.

Now you might be wondering, if Gerry is busy playing Mr. model, who took the photo. Right? Wait a minute now, didn’t I say.. “Easy Going… Everything is possible”? My client took the photo. haha..

Please enjoy my photo and feel free to share or make a nice new wallpaper. : )