Diamond in the ROUGH!!

Greene construction group photo

I trust everyone had a wonderful Holiday?

Speaking of Holidays, shortly before all the excitement began, I received a call from a dear client of many years (G. Green Construction) with a request.

Here’s what my contact said. “Gerry, you’re a creative guy with a lot of ideas. I need a nice holiday card which would include a number of our employee.
As you know, we’re in construction and our guys can be ROUGH and tumbled so what is your advice, what should we do?”

Here’s my reply to her. ” Lets move one of your very ROUGH earth moving machines indoors, persuade all the ROUGH and tumbled construction guys to dress-up in my specific recommended uniform attire, set the date for the shoot and leave the rest up to me.” I also told her anyone out of uniform would not be able to participate.

As you can see, everyone complied and the shoot was a huge success. Yesss!!

If you’re looking at the photo, you would quickly notice that it’s strong impact is largely due to the lovely ladies all dolled up and styling in the foreground, not to mention my client Adria burning up the Track-way high above the first level. Oh, don’t miss Mr. Bob Greene, the owner of the company. I just had to put him in that bucket…what a good sport he was. Thanks Bob! : )

All this to say folks, it’s okay to think different. Construction guys are not always ROUGH, sometimes they can be gentle, soft and elegant. Really!!

Please enjoy this image and pass it along to contacts who can appreciate a different way of thinking.

Don’t do what others do, do your own thing… THINK!! : )