Pun Intended

Barber scissors

Pun intended folks!

I think its safe to say that all clients are uniquely different. For the most part, when a client arrive at my studio, they have a pretty good idea of what they’re looking for.

On the other hand, others would show up with…for example, a bunch of scissors in a box and say, “Gerry, do something SHARP with these please” Lol

Although I’m not the SHARPest tool in the shed, I knew exactly what they meant. If you’re looking at the photo I created for my client, you will quickly notice that it is drastically out of focus in some areas but SHARP in other areas. This process is a camera / lens technique known as selective focuc. This process is often used to draw interest to some areas in a photo while adding drama to other areas.

I’m sure you’re aware that all this gibberish has noting to do with whether or not the scissors are SHARP, but how about the photo, is it SHARP or what? : )

Please enjoy this image and share with your contacts who can appreciate a little “PUN” with words.