Bauer ice skates
Have you ever noticed a sleek high performance sports car parked along the side of the road?
Isn’t it true that the thing appears to be moving even while parked? This is something I like to refer to as STOP MOTION.
When my client Jackrabbit Design request the creation of a special image for their clients Bauer Hockey Inc, STOP MOTION came to mind.
Like the high performance sports car, this product is also high performance. It happens to be the Bauer Nexus 1000 high performance sports skate, and with a name like that, there’s no way I was going to photograph it on some old neutral background.
This skate has some attitude and deserves better, hence the very cool metallic background I chose to enhance its character and create the elusion of motion and speed where there’s none. Just go ahead and say it, STOP MOTION.
Pleas enjoy this image and share with contacts who can appreciate “STOP MOTION”effects.