COOL!! :)

Wallets and sunglasses

Sometimes Cool is better than Hot. You say, how do I know that? When my brand new client “Googled” and found my website, the first thing he said was, Gerry, you have a Cool website, and your pictures are awesome.

After thanking him for the nice compliments, I asked, how may I assist you?  We have a very Cool product that I would need a Cool photo of, and I’m confident that you can create it for us, he replied.

Well, tell me a little bit about your product, I replied. The product is a wallet made from carbon fiber, and we’re trying to appeal to the car enthusiasts as they potentially could become our largest customers.

Okay, I replied, lets get started, bring me the product, and I’ll Create a Cool image for you.  What should I bring with me to the shoot, he replied?

Bring me the wallet and some Cool sunglasses, and I’ll take it from there, I replied. 

As you can see folks, the rest is history. My client was extremely happy with the outcome, left my studio, and went straight to Google to leave me a 5 star review. 

Awesome!! .oops!..I mean COOL!! 🙂