Floating vials
When my client called on me to create these images, my answer to their question was simply “YES!”So what exactly happened? Well, I’m glad you asked! : )

You see, it is not uncommon for clients to enter my studio asking for the impossible, but it all depends on whether or not I’m capable of the task, and up to the challenge to fulfill their wishes.

For example, often times clients would actually ask me to defy gravity and to capturing their product, large or small, in mid air. REALLY!!!? Yeah, I know you’re laughing now, but it’s true.

So, when I was asked if it was possible to levitate two one inch glass vials while capturing them in a specific spot in mid air, my answer was simply “YES!

You see folks, it’s not really rocket science, it’s all about the approach. Here’s a tip, never go with the obvious or what seems to be logical. Think different, the answer is always there, you just can’t see it sometimes, but it’s there.

Oh, BTW…leave Photoshop out of this, it’s not necessary, and it looks fake.