Snow business magazine and truck

This month I’m dedicating my photo of the month to my AWESOME long standing client, G.Green Construction of Boston.

Those guys are absolutely fabulous! Not only are they an incredible construction company, building all sorts of structures near and far, but they also provide a well needed and essential service during the winter. As you know, winters in the Northeast can be brutal, but never an issue for G. Greene Construction, who provides AWESOME snow plowing, removal and melting services to clients throughout Boston, including all of the Longwood Medical Area.

The winter of 2015 has seen record breaking snow storms battered New England one after another. This meant all hands on deck for their AWESOME Snow Team. With AWESOME state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff they are equipped to handle the most extreme weather conditions. With that said, no one could anticipate the severity of these storms or the work it would take to keep our City moving.

The Longwood Medical Community is made up of the most prestigious institutions in the world. These hospitals, educational and research facilities must remain operational 24/7; and be accessible for its patients, staff, students and emergency vehicles at all times. After plowing and de-icing streets, sidewalks, parking lots and garage roofs, the massive snow piles needed to be removed. My AWESOME client is the only private snow contractor in the Northeast that owns and operates the ridiculously AWESOME Trecan 135-PD Snow Melters. This thing is something to be seen, and when the call came with the invitation to photograph the beast with my client for a well deserved award, the only thing I could say was, “AWESOME!!!” : )

Please enjoy this image and share with contacts who might be interested in a great story about an AWESOME company, and owner Bob Greene.