Amethyst Ring

LADIES, pay ATTENTION!!! Tell him you want this gem, or else!!! : )

Speaking of ATTENTION, when my client, a prominent Boston jeweler reached out to me to capture his awesome jewelry line, it came as a big surprise to him that photographing jewelry should be left only to professional photographers.

You see folks, before contacting me, he actually admits to trying to do the photography on his own, but only to fail miserably. Lol

Seriously though, I asked him… Did you pay ATTENTION throughout the process? Did you pay ATTENTION to background selection?
Did you pay ATTENTION to camera perspective? Did you pay ATTENTION to depth of field and focus? Did you pay ATTENTION to ISO, shutter speed and F-stop?
Most importantly, did you pay close ATTENTION lighting? Did you pay ATTENTION to whether or not you should use a defused, specular light source, or both?

Folks, I could go on and on pointing out what it takes to create an awesome image, but the point I’m trying to make is clear. Unless one is willing to pay close ATTENTION to all the factors mentioned, they should do what my jewelry client did. They should throw their hands in the air in frustration, and call me. After all, I just don’t take pictures, I actually pay ATTENTION! Really!! : )