This is BIG and POWERFUL!!!

Extreme perspective of truck

This is BIG and POWERFUL!!!

If you’re looking at the liquefied natural gas tanker image (LNG), you’re probably thinking my photo of the month is pertaining to that product. If you are, you would be partially correct.

When my bran-new client Worthington Industries called on me to photograph this BIG and POWERFUL product, I had to inquire how exactly did they discover me, and their reason for hiring me. After their clear explanation, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the reasons for hiring me.

Please read the following reasons below…
1. Awesome website
2. Command of lighting
3. Years of experience and variety of work completed for a number of clients
4. Last but certainly no least, many positive reviews on numerous websites

You see folks, I discovered a long time ago that positive reviews goes a long way, they’re a BIG and POWERFUL advertising medium that goes a long way insuring the success of any business, large or small.

It is true that anyone can say nice things about themselves, but it is only what others say about you that really matters. Reviews are not only BIG and POWERFUL, they’re priceless!

Thanks for reading my story and observations. Please pass it along to contacts who may have something BIG and POWERFUL to photograph.