Let’s have some FUN!!! :)

G. Greene Construction Holiday Card
Happy New Year!!!
Okay, let’s have some FUN!
So when my client Adria of G. Green Construction reached out to me to create their 2016 holiday greeting card, the request went something like this. ” Gerry, I need your help, I need an awesome holiday card, and I’m confident you can create it.”
Needless to say I was honored, and I was not about to disappoint her. After thanking her for her great confidence in me, I asked her to give me a theme and she quickly replied, ” We have a brand new dump-truck which has never been used, and we would like a festive holiday card featuring it.”
Okay, I replied, let’s have some FUN!
Before ending our conversation, I gave her a briefing of my intentions which went something like the following.
1. Let’s create a winter wonderland scene, with the truck being featured as Santa Clause’s sleigh.
2. Let’s photograph the truck from a specific angle with the driver wearing santa’s hat and green sweatshirt while pointing at rudolph the red nosed reindeer.
3. Let’s acquire a stock winter scene image and reindeer team image with reindeers running at a specific angle.
4. Let’s acquire a stock rapped gift boxes image, shot from a specific angle.
5. Let’s make sure all images are lit from the same direction and angle.
…there’s much more to this folks, but I believe you get the point. The point is clear, it’s not always easy to create FUNny. Sometimes creating FUNny requires very careful planning and thinking. Lighten up, and have some FUN!  : )
BTW, it took a total of 11 layers to create this image, please feel free to count them. Good luck!