Oh BABY!!!

Hands holding waters vial

Oh BABY!!!

You say, what is Gerry up to now? 🙂

Often times the word BABY is used in different contexts. For example, the word BABY can be used in reference to something that is small. It can also be used to draw reference to a project or something that has great importance. Often times, people uses the word BABY to address their significant other, and so forth. There’re a number of ways the word BABY can be used that has nothing to do with a newborn or a mischievous toddler. 🙂

So when my client asked me to capture this image, I could think of several reasons why this BABY vial was so important to them. For as long as I have worked with them (over 20 years) this little BABY vial has stood the test of time, and has proven to be just as important today as it had been for many years prior to the first time I photographed it. Obviously this BABY is very small, but nevertheless, in the eyes of its owner, it’s very big.