Shoes in colored light

When my client Etonic call on me to photograph their vibrant bowling shoes, right away it was clear to me they were looking for something very DIFFERENT.

Well, for the most part, photographers uses a variety of light sources to illuminate their subjects, but the use of black lights is not often their first choice.

When my client Terri asked me specifically to photograph this particular product under black lights, I knew this would be very DIFFERENT. The use of a black light source is not only DIFFERENT in the way it acts upon a subject, but it was also very DIFFERENT for me, as I have never photographed a subject using a black light as my main light source before.

Being a photographer who’s always up for a lighting challenge, I quickly put away my conventual light source, and embrace the necessary black light in order to satisfy the request of my client. I must say, the process was very DIFFERENT indeed, as the use of a black light to photograph a product or anything for that matter is unconventional, yet for this application it was very effective in creating the mood my client was looking for.

I really enjoyed doing this project, not only because it was interesting or challenging, but because it was DIFFERENT.