Now you see the LIGHT!

Lantern-style light

Now you see the LIGHT!

From the beginning of time, people has been fascinated by LIGHT, and for the most part we all take it for granted that LIGHT is and will always be available. LIGHT comes in various forms and can be emitted through a number of sources too many to mention.

So what does this statement have to do with my photo of the month? Nothing! : ) I just wanted to say the word LIGHT over and over again to draw attention to its importance in many uses including the area of photography.

When my client Ann Marie of Norwell LIGHTing call on me to capture this very shiny product, she instinctively knew she needed a photographer with great LIGHTing experience in order to capture her product correctly.

You see folks, when LIGHTing a product, any product for that matter, it is very important to understand how LIGHT reacts upon the surface of that product. In the case of my photo of the month, it was very clear to me from the start that this product with its shiny chrome surfaces, would require very carful thinking and the proper LIGHT sources and knowhow in order to capture the shiny characteristic of the chandelier.

You may notice the chandelier has four perfectly lit LIGHTbulbs, this was another LIGHTing issue all to itself. This process was carefully planned and was performed at a measured aperture and timed exposure within seconds of the initial exposure in total darkness, as it is not possible to photograph LIGHT with the use of LIGHT.

So now you see the LIGHT! : )

It is my hope that I was able to bring some awareness to the importance of proper LIGHTing, especially when photographing shiny objects.

Please enjoy this image and pass it along to contacts who can appreciate precision LIGHTing.