Get to the POINT!!!

Needles with varied caps

Let me get straight to the POINT.

Photographing needles is NOT easy. That being said, when my client Deb of Mittcom called on me to photograph a couple of hundred needles for their client, she didn’t beat around the bush, she got straight to the POINT.

The conversation went something like this. Gerry, I have a tone of needles to photograph and although I didn’t see any on your website, I’m confident you can do it. I’ll need a single shot of each needle, a super closeup detail POINT shot of a selected few, and a cool group cover shot.

As you can see folks, the rest is history and needless to say, Deb was very happy with the results.

My POINT is, although photographing needles is very difficult, I didn’t shy away from the task.

After all, didn’t JFK got to the POINT when he said… We chose to go to the moon, not because its easy, but because it hard?

Well, If I may paraphrase the late great president, “I chose to shoot needles, not because they’re easy, but because they’re hard”. : )