Let it snow – Let it snow – Let it snow

G. Greene Holiday Card
Let it SNOW – Let it SNOW – Let it SNOW!
I know, I know, enough SNOW already? : )
Well not so much for my awesome client G. Greene Construction. You see, not only are they one of Boston’s premier Construction companies for over 50 years, but they’re the goto SNOW management company in the area. When I say SNOW management, that’s exactly what I mean…SNOW management. You may or may not know this, but G. Greene is responsible for melting most of the SNOW in the Boston medical area for a number of years.
Can you imagine a very sick individual sitting in an ambulance right outside the hospital, but due to too much SNOW in the area they were delayed treatment? Think for a moment of a blizzard that suddenly comes to mind, where the entire city is crippled and comes to a standstill. You can bet G. Greene Construction is present in the heart of the city with their amazing SNOW melter. Yes, SNOW melter, but not to be confused with the SNOW melter you throw on your front steps. I’m talking about the behemoth depicted in the image I created for their Holiday Greeting card. This thing is serious, it don’t play with SNOW!
A bit of caution, don’t be swayed by the lovely gifts being transported by this machine for holiday effects, this machine is capable of eating tons and tons of SNOW at one huge gulp. Once satisfied, it releases its gallons and gallons of product in a nearby storm drain, and the process continues until it is good and satisfied before going home.
Therefore, Let it SNOW, Let it SNOW, Let it SNOW. G. Green Construction will take care it.
If you’re curious, click the link and see for yourself… http://ggreene.com/index.php/our-services/snow-management
Please enjoy this image and share with contacts who might be interested in custom images to enhance their image. Image is still everything.
Enjoy the SNOW! : )
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