Wine glasses with ice bucket
For those of you who have been at my studio, you’ll recall a large timeless 48” x 60″ Cibachrome print output prominently displayed on the right wall above the couch.
You may ask, WHAT is a Cibachrome? A Cibachrome is a dye destruction, or dye bleached positive-to-positive photographic process used for the reproduction of film transparencies on photographic paper. The prints are made on a dimensionally stable polyester base as opposed to traditional paper base which can oxidize and discolor over time.
You may ask, WHO did you create this image for? Thanks for asking! This image was created for a well-known Boston based printing company back in the days of film capture.
You asked, WHY did my client need this image? I’m so glad you asked! It so happened that at that time, this particular client specialized in high end black and white printing, but was in the process of converting to color as well as black and white. This particular image was used in brochures and other printed materials to announce their full color printing capabilities.
Did you say, WHERE was this image created? Good question! This image was created at the first of a total of three studios throughout my photography career.
You asked, WHEN did you create this image? I thought you would never ask!!! Earlier in the first paragraph of this email blast, I mentioned “timeless” and I’m sure you would agree that this image is indeed timeless. As it appears, this image could very well be taken yesterday, but I’m pleased to announce that it was captured over 27 years ago, and if I may say it again, it is indeed “timeless.”
Finally, you may ask, HOW was this image created? Now, that’s a lot to ask, but since you’re so curious, I’ll go ahead and make it brief. : )
Here goes…
A. Black plexiglass background
B. Large 4’x8’ vellum sheet
C. Ice bucket, Ice, champagne bottle, ginger ale, strawberries, chocolate
D. Small fabric steamer to create rapid condensation
E. Paper towel to control condensation allowing clear strawberry reflection
F. Spray bottle to mist champagne glass, creating false sense of condensation
G. Ginger ale to mimic the appearance of champagne
H. Sugar to control champagne bubbles effects
Okay folks, not able to explain lighting at this time, much too complicated, but please enjoy the image, and should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.