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There's been a great deal of interest in the last few years in 3d technology, but for many more years product photographers have been busy implementing a range of clever techniques to turn flat, 2d items into 3d ones which stand out and grab attention.

Often when small business working to tight budgets try to compile a catalogue, either for print or for the website, they decide that one area in which they can cut costs is by taking photographs of their products in house rather than employing the services of professional product photographers. In part this is due to the fact that many small businesses and even medium ones assume that all product photography studios charge a fortune. Certainly some do, but it's not true to suggest that all of them price themselves out of the small business market, and often it makes more sense for businesses to use such studios because the benefits in the long run are clear to see.

Customers today are far more savvy and cynical, and will judge a book by its cover and a business by the quality of its product images without so much as a second thought. This is bad news for businesses who decide to cut corners by cutting down on the quality of their images, because what should really be happening is that businesses see the services offered by experienced product photographers as a profitable investment in the future of their own business.

One example which we can use to demonstrate this is in looking at how exactly a professional photographer would approach the task of turning something flat or 2d and making it look more 3 dimensional and interesting. It's vital to get products to stand out because the marketplace is very crowded. Let's take a simple greetings card as a first example. Many businesses will simply use a stock photo of the front cover, and whilst this may work to some extent, it misses out on standing out.

Greetings cards in the real world, when used, aren't completely fat. They're tactile, some even patterned or sculptured, and of course once stood up and displayed they're opened out. They have depth, and they have shadows. A professional photographer may well take advantage of this and take a photograph of the card standing, up, and include a shadow or even a reflection to make the card appear to have more depth and body and substance. But whilst this sounds like a good idea, and fairly simple, it is fraught with problems.

The amateur photographer is likely to just stand the card up against a fairly plain background and take a picture, wondering afterwards why it looks so plain and dull. In the real world shadows can be hard to get right, and reflections almost impossible. The professional photographer will either use an advanced, carefully calibrated lighting rig to get it just right, or even add the shadow or reflection in during post production.

Books are another example, but if you stand a book up you have a problem. Paperback books won't stay open unless you break the spine, and whilst hardback books may stand up well, the pages will usually flop and fold in a fairly unappealing way. How do professional product photographers manage to take photographs of flat books in a way that makes them look more 3 dimensional?

Often the techniques will include using invisible wire to hold the pages flat to avoid drooping, and this wire is then carefully edited out in post production. In fact tacky gum, wires and thread feature quite a lot in product images where flat objects are photographed in a way that gives them more body, with post production skills needed to add the essential finishing touches. It's tricks and skills like these which mean that investing in the services of qualified, experienced product photographers is investing in your business, and no matter how tight your budget, in today's fiercely competitive market that's just something you can't miss out on.

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