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Professional advertising photographers know a staggering number of tricks of the trade. It's essential that they do because in many cases huge sums of money are dependent on the products selling in anything like the expected number. Product photographers hold a critical position within any business's retail plan, and as far as the consumer is concerned, consciously or unconsciously the photograph is often the most critical factor in any decision to either buy the product or at least find out more.

We've all become so accustomed to seeing photographs, and taking them ourselves, that we have all become experts in identifying amateur photographs from professional ones. We can tell straight away that a picture has been produced professionally, and this almost seems to imply that the business has taken extra care and is fully committed to providing customers with the real deal. On the other hand customers seeing product images which are of an inferior quality will usually walk away. The message they pick up is often that the business is about trying to cut corners - not the right message at all to try to be giving out to people.

Businesses which try to carry out their product photography in house rather than taking advantage of the services of professional advertising photographers will inevitably fall far short of the kind of standard we have come to expect, simply because they aren't aware of the raft of tricks of the trade used by product photographers every day.

For example, if we take furniture as one example, it can seem that it would be fairly easy to photograph various items of household furniture in a way that's reasonably clear and of good quality. But even when it comes to items such as chairs, settees, cabinets and bookcases, product photographers are aware of the problems and difficulties inherent in photographing these items, and will have a range of ways of overcoming these.

For example, many wooden items such as cabinets and bookcases are made from shiny wood, or wood veneer. If you use a flash, or even if you use one or two studio lights you will usually find that one part of the item is bleached out, with other areas very dark and unclear. Because this isn't how we normally see these items, the eye is immediately aware that there's something not quite right about the picture, and we immediately start to doubt it.

In such cases professional advertising photographers will usually use several diffused lights to create a softer, more evenly spread light that allows the item to be seen much more clearly and in a more natural light. On the other hand you may think that photographing a settee or chair is easy enough, since there is no wood to reflect any bright lights. But the problem here is often that the items look flat and dull. In real life we see the pattern and the ridges, but this can become very unclear in a photograph. In these cases product photographers will use a much narrower, harder light which will pick out the patterns and ridges, making the item seem much more real and detailed.

Another trick used by professional advertising photographers is to suspend a cut-out of a window frame just in front of the lights, so that the light shining on the furniture includes the window frame shadow. This tends to imply to the subconscious that the item is inside a room in a home, where it should be, rather than in a warehouse or studio. This helps the customers more easily visualise the product in their own home, and this helps create a sub conscious connection which will usually encourage a sale. These are just a few of the many tricks of the trade used by advertising photographers, and demonstrates just how important it is not to cut corners unless you want to go round the bend.

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