Restaurant interior

This month, Lets get into the COLOR Zone! You may or may not know this, but photographing interiors can be a challenging feat. Some may say, “How difficult can that be?” but they will soon realize while observing the process, that it is indeed a technical art-form. Here’re just a few of the obstacles that…

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What's Going On In Vermont?

Sliced Bourbon Bacon

WHAT’S GOING ON IN VERMONT? This is exactly what I asked myself when I received the call. When my client “SinpleHome“, a smart home technological company call on me to travel to Vermont on a photo project, my first thought was…Oh boy, here’s my chance to shoot some cows. : ) To my surprise, my…

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What separates amateur and professional photography?

Difference 3Z shoe

When my client Jackrabbit Design call on me to capture this luxurious mood filled room for their client Fuller Village senior living community, they were very much aware of the great challenge it could be to capture the essence of this ballroom. Please, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!! I’m making reference to the very dark…

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At first glance, what do you see?

Basemant bathroom

When my client Green Construction a prominent Boston construction company, called upon me to capture one of their latest and greatest creations (Boston Children Hospital North) they understood that taking their iphone in hand, compose and click off some photos of this awesome structure to post on their website is NOT going to cut it…

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A great walkway really makes all the difference!

Medical worker using syringe

Its still spring and a rainy day to boot so I thought It would be nice to send you some sunshine to brighten your day. This images was created for my client a prominent Boston Architect, landscape and wallscape designer. Upon completion of this project for his client, the scenery around the property was stunning…

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My new (dream) home!

Greene worker in city

This month’s photo was captured for my client SimpleHome for one of their clients. Everyone should have a pool like this in their home. My assignment here was to capture the smart technology SimpleHome had designed and installed in this beautiful and very luxurious poolroom. The technology includes all the lighting in the room which…

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Great minds think alike!

Greene construction tractor

Last year, My client Greene Construction a prominent award winning construction company in Boston won the bid to work on a wonderful project. The project was to greatly increase the square footage and perform some restoration of this beautiful historical Victorian structure. Greene did an amazing job recreating the right half of the building to…

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Now THIS is a classy eatery!

Man working with shipping pellets

Architects like photographers, are very passionate about their work. So when my client, a prominent Boston Architect made the call to document his creation, I knew exactly what he was looking for. Architecture as is photography, have a lot to do with lighting, form and composition. In this very small and intimate section of a…

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