Let it snow – Let it snow – Let it snow

G. Greene Holiday Card

Let it SNOW – Let it SNOW – Let it SNOW! I know, I know, enough SNOW already? : ) Well not so much for my awesome client G. Greene Construction. You see, not only are they one of Boston’s premier Construction companies for over 50 years, but they’re the goto SNOW management company in the area. When I say SNOW management, that’s exactly what I mean…SNOW management. You…

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Under armour store worm's eye view

Sometimes clients come from DIFFERENT angles, they want something out of the ordinary, they want something DIFFERENT. So when my client asked me to capture this image, he didn’t know exactly what he was looking for, but one thing he was certain of, is that the image delivered would be DIFFERENT. This image happens to be the new Prudential…

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Golf Club zoom in

CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL!!! If you or someone you know play the game of golf, you or they already know it is all about CONTROL, but specifically about ball CONTROL. Each golf club is specially designed to act upon the ball in a specific way to maximize whatever the player is trying to achieve.  That being said, I…

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Your head might SPINN!!

Movie reel

Why is the photo of the month not a photo? Well, because the photo of the month is actually a movie born from several photos taken at my studio, then edited to create a cool movie. Go ahead, click on this link and then mouse over the image… http://bit.ly/1Ew5YQB Hold on…Your head might SPINN!! : )…

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Light Science


This month I’ll attempt to talk about Life Science…haha. Just kidding, I don’t know anything about that kind of science folks, that’s not for me. So, lets talk about Light Science. Light Science from a photographic standpoint is simply the ability to manipulate and control light for a realistic reproduction or an abstract effect. In…

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Shake & Bake

Women superimposed into hall

If I should say, “Shake & Bake” I’m sure crispy chicken laying on a tin sheet in the oven would come to mind. Am I Right? : ) Well, that would be correct, but did you know that there’s a technique used by professional photographers which uses the same term? Here’s an image I created…

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It’s NOT what you think! It’s NOT easy!

Plastic needles

It’s NOT what you think! It’s NOT easy! This month I’m happy to share this photo which at first glance you might say, “What so special about this photo?” Right? Well, when Allen & Gerritsen Advertising Agency call on me to create this image for our mutual client Waters Corporation, I was honored but very…

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Boat captain reading newspaper

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Yes, that too! When my client Network World call on me to create this image, they had to be confident, as the question they asked went something like this. “Gerry, what is your availability? We need to shoot a military captain reading our Network World magazine while standing in front of an…

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Miss Cleo?? – Photo Shoot of a Crystal Ball

Stockyard meat dish

Every once in a while, clients with great confidence throw curve balls. So when my client Miss Cleo show up at my studio holding a Crystal Ball…..haha Okay, I’m kidding….Just wanted to get your attention. : ) It was indeed my longtime client The Boston Globe. They needed a specific conceptual photo to be used in their…

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Crystal Clear – Phone vs. Camera

Etonic shoe diagram

When my client Nicole called on me to photograph this prestigious award to her company Emerson Ecologics, she was very much aware of, and wise to the limits of her infamous iphone. Nicole quickly placed that thing in her purse where it belong and called her favorite photographer….you know who. : ) You see folks,…

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