Amethyst Ring

LADIES, pay ATTENTION!!! Tell him you want this gem, or else!!! : ) Speaking of ATTENTION, when my client, a prominent Boston jeweler reached out to me to capture his awesome jewelry line, it came as a big surprise to him that photographing jewelry should be left only to professional photographers. You see folks, before…

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Snow business magazine and truck

This month I’m dedicating my photo of the month to my AWESOME long standing client, G.Green Construction of Boston. Those guys are absolutely fabulous! Not only are they an incredible construction company, building all sorts of structures near and far, but they also provide a well needed and essential service during the winter. As you…

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You LIKE!!?

Man and women reading books

This month I’m focusing on “LIKE”. Yeah, I know LIKE is a homophone, but lets focus on LIKE, or thumbs up for example. 🙂 As you know, everyone is going “LIKE” crazy on social media these days, but let me tell you what my clients and I really LIKE. Many of you who’re reading this would agree that you really LIKE coming to…

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Diamond in the ROUGH!!

Greene construction group photo

I trust everyone had a wonderful Holiday? Speaking of Holidays, shortly before all the excitement began, I received a call from a dear client of many years (G. Green Construction) with a request. Here’s what my contact said. “Gerry, you’re a creative guy with a lot of ideas. I need a nice holiday card which…

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Easy Going… Everything is possible!

Smiling man sitting legs crossed

If you’re looking at the photo of the month, you might be thinking, why is Gerry dressed up in a suit and tie while sitting in a meditation pose holding a chalk and chalkboard eraser. Right? That would be a reasonable thought folks. Hmm…, did you read the title of my photo of the month?…

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Shake & Bake

Women superimposed into hall

If I should say, “Shake & Bake” I’m sure crispy chicken laying on a tin sheet in the oven would come to mind. Am I Right? : ) Well, that would be correct, but did you know that there’s a technique used by professional photographers which uses the same term? Here’s an image I created…

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Boat captain reading newspaper

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Yes, that too! When my client Network World call on me to create this image, they had to be confident, as the question they asked went something like this. “Gerry, what is your availability? We need to shoot a military captain reading our Network World magazine while standing in front of an…

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Don’t Always Trust Your Eyes!

Plastic tools

Don’t always trust your eyes! It’s not what you think….it’s an illusion…its not REAL. When my client Network World called on me to create this images, they had no idea I was an illusionist. Most people when witnessing an illusion, remain in awe throughout the presentation. My client in this case was no different as…

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