Very HEAVY!!!

MRI Room

This is very HEAVY!!! I have mentioned G. Greene Construction a number of times in my email blasts over the years, and by now you should know they’re all about the “HEAVY“ You have seen their Dump trucks, HEAVY. You have seen their Snow melting machine, HEAVY. You have seen their Front loaders, HEAVY. You have seen their Backhoes, HEAVY.…

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Let it snow – Let it snow – Let it snow

G. Greene Holiday Card

Let it SNOW – Let it SNOW – Let it SNOW! I know, I know, enough SNOW already? : ) Well not so much for my awesome client G. Greene Construction. You see, not only are they one of Boston’s premier Construction companies for over 50 years, but they’re the goto SNOW management company in the area. When I say SNOW management, that’s exactly what I mean…SNOW management. You…

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Under armour store worm's eye view

Sometimes clients come from DIFFERENT angles, they want something out of the ordinary, they want something DIFFERENT. So when my client asked me to capture this image, he didn’t know exactly what he was looking for, but one thing he was certain of, is that the image delivered would be DIFFERENT. This image happens to be the new Prudential…

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Lab workers wide view

“FOCUS Dad, FOCUS!!!” Yes, these were the exact words my impatient wise-guy middle child often times told me as an adolescent, but I said MIDDLE child right? : ) Well, little did she know, that was exactly what I had been doing all throughout her life, therefore I had plenty of practice. When my brand new client…

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Get to the POINT!!!

Needles with varied caps

Let me get straight to the POINT. Photographing needles is NOT easy. That being said, when my client Deb of Mittcom called on me to photograph a couple of hundred needles for their client, she didn’t beat around the bush, she got straight to the POINT. The conversation went something like this. Gerry, I have a tone…

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Don’t look at the forest, look at the TREE!

Coil Handling machine

Don’t look at the forest, look at the TREE! When my client Matec Instruments called on me to photograph their latest creation which happens to be a 34 feet long by 8 feet wide by 15 feet high behemoth, they could not imagine the outcome as they could not see the TREE hiding deep in…

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Candy with golden glow

Although no one likes a control freak, on the other hand, everyone loves a “LIGHTING CONTROL FREAK.”….Yea, that would me.. : ) So my client of over 20 years arrived at my studio holding a very expensive scientific instrument. She looked at me with confidence and said, Gerry, here’s what I need today. I need…

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The birth of a circuit board

Kitchen low-angle view

So, do you ever wonder what is really going on inside those little cell phones, ipods, ipads, laptops, kindles, nooks, blackberry, bluetooth, androids, gameboys, xbox, joysticks….etc? Well, its simple, its all about the guts and how it is all connected together by their “Mother” or companies such as Vitronics Soltec. Vitronics Soltec (Mother) have been…

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There’s blood… everywhere!!!

Blood vials

Lets face it, H1N1 is everywhere and blood in test-tubes has become common place in every hospital and health organizations around the country if not the world. Although an image such as this is never easy on the eyes, it is nevertheless an important representation of a huge industry. My client call upon me to…

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