Wine glasses with ice bucket

For those of you who have been at my studio, you’ll recall a large timeless 48” x 60″ Cibachrome print output prominently displayed on the right wall above the couch. You may ask, WHAT is a Cibachrome? A Cibachrome is a dye destruction, or dye bleached positive-to-positive photographic process used for the reproduction of film transparencies on photographic…

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Gold link chain

This month my focus is on CONNECTIONs, and we’re all aware of the definition of CONNECTION, “1 A relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else” That out of the way, I can focus on the true meaning of my topic for this blog post. Over my three…

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Valentine's Day Chocolates

Lets face it, everyone likes SWEETs, especially ladies. Why is this so? Well, they’re SWEET, that’s why. : ) Now that Valentine’s day is fast approaching, I have a strong warming for all the gentlemen receiving my blog post. She will be looking for something SWEET along with her diamonds, and other fine gifts you…

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Silhouettes of woman with bags

Can you say… wicked AWESOME?!!! Yes, that would be my client Oliver Thomas, the brand. So when they contacted me to photograph their AWESOME feather weight ladies bags, the initial request when something like this. Gerry, we have a wicked AWESOME line of bags to photograph, but it might be a challenge to capture them…

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Under armour store worm's eye view

Sometimes clients come from DIFFERENT angles, they want something out of the ordinary, they want something DIFFERENT. So when my client asked me to capture this image, he didn’t know exactly what he was looking for, but one thing he was certain of, is that the image delivered would be DIFFERENT. This image happens to be the new Prudential…

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Details!! Details!!

ASV shoe dynamic angle

DETAILs!! DETAILs!! Ever heard the expression… “The devil is in the DETAIL?” It’s very catchy but accurate. Meaning that something might seem simple at first thought but actually takes more time, effort and skills to accomplish. In product photography, DETAIL is very important, so important that smart clients, although tempted at times, do not attempt to do their own…

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Why BACKGROUNDs? Well, isn’t it true that in order to truly expose a person, place or thing, one should take the time to checkout its or their BACKGROUND? So when my client who came to me through a referral, called on me to capture the soul of her amazing custom jewelry line, I’m confident that the first…

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Now you see the LIGHT!

Lantern-style light

Now you see the LIGHT! From the beginning of time, people has been fascinated by LIGHT, and for the most part we all take it for granted that LIGHT is and will always be available. LIGHT comes in various forms and can be emitted through a number of sources too many to mention. So what…

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Shoes in colored light

When my client Etonic call on me to photograph their vibrant bowling shoes, right away it was clear to me they were looking for something very DIFFERENT. Why DIFFERENT? Well, for the most part, photographers uses a variety of light sources to illuminate their subjects, but the use of black lights is not often their first choice.…

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Oh BABY!!!

Hands holding waters vial

Oh BABY!!! You say, what is Gerry up to now? 🙂 Often times the word BABY is used in different contexts. For example, the word BABY can be used in reference to something that is small. It can also be used to draw reference to a project or something that has great importance. Often times,…

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