Here fishie, fishie, fishie…

Truck and magazine

Well, its about time someone lookout for America’s children. My client, a large fish processing company saw the need to help in combating obesity in school age children in America has stepped up to the plate. They came up with a number of very healthy and wholesome all baked NOT fried fish entrees to be…

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Ok, I’m hungry now!

Smiling lab workers

This month, I’m featuring the simple “Old School” American food, the Lobster Roll. Although I would never touch or consume it, my client needed a mouthwatering and appetizing image for their marketing campaign. As a commercial photographer, my job was to capture this dish in its best light. As you know, lighting is the key…

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Men in polymer office

This month’s photo is very interesting. Its something I would like to call “Fear factor”. Why fear factor? Just imagine being stopped by a hardnosed cop on the day you’re in a bad mood and the cop decided to arrest you but you weren’t going without a fight. Well listen up, very soon law enforcement…

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Always use your head! Except when headbutting, then use this

Smiling woman in necklace

This month’s photo was created for my client Jackrabbit Advertising and Design. http:www.jumpingjackrabbit.com Their client need to achieve a clean design and great photography to highlight and showcase their very fine hockey equipment. Together we were able to meet and exceed the client’s expectations and that’s what makes us happy.

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Have fun in the sand!

Woman using Macintosh computer

In the game of golf, one should stay as far away as possible from the Sand Trap. However, since this is not the game of golf but a golf shoe ad, the sand trap makes for a great background. Don’t you think?

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"Forget roses, bring chocolate!"

Men looking at blueprint

This month’s photo was created for a fine gourmet “Chocolaterie”. The objective was to show production of their 100% hand-made chocolates and pastries.

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My home cooking…

Woman in hat and coat

This image “Mouth Symphony” Was created for a new client who needed a clean fresh look to their food advertising. They specialize in very high end gourmet foods and needed a strong representation in their printed and online media.

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Check out these sweatshirts!

Smiling man in suit

This photo was created for my client a promotional product and printing company. They wanted a new and realistic look for their client’s promotional apparel product line. They were pleased with the full form “Invisible Body” dramatic look I created for them.

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IFS – Identified Flying Shoe

Woman writing on whiteboard in office

As it is well known, I have a passion for photographing shoes and so I’ve decided to add a little life to this particular shoe shot.

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My sister!

Smiling man and woman

This month, the featured photo is the work of my talented sister Barbara. Barbara is Boston’s best kept custom fashion designer secret, but not anymore… I know its tempting to be bias when speaking of family, so let the work speak for itself through great photography…OF COURSE!! : ) For as long as I can…

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