UIOs – Unidentified Inanimate Objects

Cobb Hill display

It is no secret that I enjoy photographing inanimate objects. In fact, if I had a choice of photographing objects or live subjects, I would always choose photographing the inanimate objects over any live subject. So when my client, Waters Corporation booked a photo shoot with me and arrive with little 1 inch vials and…

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What do you call cheese that’s not yours??

Jepara SC infographic

Nacho (Not-yo) Cheese! Can everyone say SCHOOL LUNCH? Yes, I can imagine this might be a dreaded thought for many of you if your school lunch was anything like I had back in the day…….don’t get me started now folks. : ) So, when my client High Liner Foods call on me to photograph their…

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As HOT as ICE!

Etonic shoe

When my client Jackrabbit Design called on me to create this cover shot for their client Bauer Hockey Inc, I was honored and jumped to the occasion. I can recall back in the 80s while attending photography school, creating images that defies gravity was by far my greatest passion. This is something I really enjoyed…

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Where’s the FISH?

Lucinus Bolles Evans Flyer

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? You’re looking at the right rear of the photo, right? Well, never mind that, just look at the fish, just the fish folks! : ) This image was created for my client Fishery Product International… FPI Please enjoy and pass it along to your contacts who might be interested in…

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See the light through darkness

PF Flyer

Anyone can take a picture, right? So, when a graphic designer of a multibillion dollar international scientific company hands YOU a bag of vials measuring only 1 inch and request a cool cover shot for their newest catalog…. Can anyone take a picture, then? : )

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A worthwhile treat!

Woolrich flyer

I’ll make this short. TAKE A BREAK! Life is short. Go to the Stockyard on 135 Market Street in Brighton and order this delight. Trust me, you deserve it. Tell them Gerry sent you.

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You’ll poke your eye out!!

Etonic advertisement

I trust everyone is having a wonderful holiday and is looking forward to a bright and positive new year. “PLEASE BE CAREFUL” This photo of the month is SHARP….don’t touch the blade! : ) This year, I was honored to have had the opportunity to collabarate with “Jackrabbit Design” of Milton in the creation of…

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The secret to levitation…

Black and white bathroom

When a multibillion dollar international scientific corporation call on their photographer to inject life into their super product, this is no time to let them down. This is a good time to pull out the smoke and mirrors and defy gravity right before their eyes.

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Tiny bubbles in the wine!

White cabinets

What’s new is the Roberts taste enhancing wine ware. That’s right folks, you read it right. This very wise client of mine has discovered something as simple as texture close to the rim of wine glasses dramatically enhances the taste of the wine. This technology is heavily patented, backed by a prominent CA winery and…

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A woman’s dream shoot!

Medical worker using syringe

This month’s photo is hot off the press. It will be used to grace the cover of my client’s latest footwear catalog. Photographing footwear can be a huge challenge in the wrong hands. “Great results requires precision lighting” Do you know anyone in need of precision lighting? No doubt, it was precision lighting that got…

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