Baby + White Clothes + Cake =

Although its true that I typically don’t photograph children, my client’s son (little J….. lets say) was celebrating his first birthday and wanted badly to completely destroy his chocolate cake while fully dressed in white. Can you imagine? This guy was a “piece of work” and full of fun too. I enjoyed every minute of…

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Always use your head! Except when headbutting, then use this

Smiling woman in necklace

This month’s photo was created for my client Jackrabbit Advertising and Design. http:www.jumpingjackrabbit.com Their client need to achieve a clean design and great photography to highlight and showcase their very fine hockey equipment. Together we were able to meet and exceed the client’s expectations and that’s what makes us happy.

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A little more bubbly..

Smiling men in suits

This photo was created for my client a printing company. The objective was to create an image with an extra ordinary sparkling effect for a special invitation card. Please enjoy and pass it along.

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Have fun in the sand!

Woman using Macintosh computer

In the game of golf, one should stay as far away as possible from the Sand Trap. However, since this is not the game of golf but a golf shoe ad, the sand trap makes for a great background. Don’t you think?

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OMG – Profile pic!!

Woman using stethoscope on child

Lets face it, everyone likes to look great and its no exception to my very happy client who I recently had the pleasure of photographing. A head shot should be taken seriously. It shouldn’t be taken by a friend or by the subject pointing the camera back at their face. Can you believe this is…

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Smiling man in suit and glasses

What a great idea. I received a call from a client with an unusual request. This year, instead of the traditional chocolates and roses, he wanted to give a unique photo of he and his better half for valentines. We then added a twist that I would like to call Color-Black&White.

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"Forget roses, bring chocolate!"

Men looking at blueprint

This month’s photo was created for a fine gourmet “Chocolaterie”. The objective was to show production of their 100% hand-made chocolates and pastries.

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My home cooking…

Woman in hat and coat

This image “Mouth Symphony” Was created for a new client who needed a clean fresh look to their food advertising. They specialize in very high end gourmet foods and needed a strong representation in their printed and online media.

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Shot in Waltham, not Kansas!

Smiling man sitting cross-legged

This month’s photo was created for a client who needed a photo of a ruby red slippers on model’s feet. The objective was to play a little with the Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy and her Ruby Red Slippers as a concept for an ad. This shot was especially difficult because it was necessary to use…

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Check out these sweatshirts!

Smiling man in suit

This photo was created for my client a promotional product and printing company. They wanted a new and realistic look for their client’s promotional apparel product line. They were pleased with the full form “Invisible Body” dramatic look I created for them.

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