IFS – Identified Flying Shoe

Woman writing on whiteboard in office

As it is well known, I have a passion for photographing shoes and so I’ve decided to add a little life to this particular shoe shot.

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Leave your imprint

NxStage office interior

This month’s photo was done for Etonic Running division. My client needed a very large file of this flying shoe I created to be used as a mural wallpaper for their office wall.

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My sister!

Smiling man and woman

This month, the featured photo is the work of my talented sister Barbara. Barbara is Boston’s best kept custom fashion designer secret, but not anymore… I know its tempting to be bias when speaking of family, so let the work speak for itself through great photography…OF COURSE!! : ) For as long as I can…

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Smart as a goldfish!

Microsoft office interior

This first photo of Zebra fish (1 inch in length) was done for MIT and was made into a large mural for a window display. MIT uses these tiny creatures to aid in a very important cancer research. Its was fascinating to me to see how much care and tenderness was given to the fish…

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