Gerry Evelyn

A great walkway really makes all the difference!

Medical worker using syringe

Its still spring and a rainy day to boot so I thought It would be nice to send you some sunshine to brighten your day. This images was created for my client a prominent Boston Architect, landscape and wallscape designer. Upon completion of this project for his client, the scenery around the property was stunning…

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Here fishie, fishie, fishie…

Truck and magazine

Well, its about time someone lookout for America’s children. My client, a large fish processing company saw the need to help in combating obesity in school age children in America has stepped up to the plate. They came up with a number of very healthy and wholesome all baked NOT fried fish entrees to be…

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My new (dream) home!

Greene worker in city

This month’s photo was captured for my client SimpleHome for one of their clients. Everyone should have a pool like this in their home. My assignment here was to capture the smart technology SimpleHome had designed and installed in this beautiful and very luxurious poolroom. The technology includes all the lighting in the room which…

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Ok, I’m hungry now!

Smiling lab workers

This month, I’m featuring the simple “Old School” American food, the Lobster Roll. Although I would never touch or consume it, my client needed a mouthwatering and appetizing image for their marketing campaign. As a commercial photographer, my job was to capture this dish in its best light. As you know, lighting is the key…

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There’s blood… everywhere!!!

Blood vials

Lets face it, H1N1 is everywhere and blood in test-tubes has become common place in every hospital and health organizations around the country if not the world. Although an image such as this is never easy on the eyes, it is nevertheless an important representation of a huge industry. My client call upon me to…

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Great minds think alike!

Greene construction tractor

Last year, My client Greene Construction a prominent award winning construction company in Boston won the bid to work on a wonderful project. The project was to greatly increase the square footage and perform some restoration of this beautiful historical Victorian structure. Greene did an amazing job recreating the right half of the building to…

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It’s gettin’ hot in here!

Industrial oven

This month’s photo was right up my ally. You see, as a child I loved playing with fire. : ) I’m still surprise I didn’t succeed in burning down my parents house. When the call came to photograph a huge grease fire in the kitchen, needless to say I was very excited and couldn’t wait…

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Men in polymer office

This month’s photo is very interesting. Its something I would like to call “Fear factor”. Why fear factor? Just imagine being stopped by a hardnosed cop on the day you’re in a bad mood and the cop decided to arrest you but you weren’t going without a fight. Well listen up, very soon law enforcement…

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Now THIS is a classy eatery!

Man working with shipping pellets

Architects like photographers, are very passionate about their work. So when my client, a prominent Boston Architect made the call to document his creation, I knew exactly what he was looking for. Architecture as is photography, have a lot to do with lighting, form and composition. In this very small and intimate section of a…

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A close call!

Welder at work

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire but there’s nothing too dangerous for Gerry to photograph. Here is a situation where a client needed to document some dangerous construction procedures. Who did they call? That’s right!!

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