Gerry Evelyn

This is BIG!! This is UNREAL!!

EZ Peel

When my client CRUNCH BRANDS call on me to photograph UNREAL UNJUNKED candies, the first thing they say to me was, Gerry, This is BIG!! Big as in billboards…. Can you give us files big enough for billboard size output? Of course I replied like a true Jamaican… NOOO PROBLEM MON!! Be sure to say…

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Miss Cleo?? – Photo Shoot of a Crystal Ball

Stockyard meat dish

Every once in a while, clients with great confidence throw curve balls. So when my client Miss Cleo show up at my studio holding a Crystal Ball…..haha Okay, I’m kidding….Just wanted to get your attention. : ) It was indeed my longtime client The Boston Globe. They needed a specific conceptual photo to be used in their…

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Candy with golden glow

Although no one likes a control freak, on the other hand, everyone loves a “LIGHTING CONTROL FREAK.”….Yea, that would me.. : ) So my client of over 20 years arrived at my studio holding a very expensive scientific instrument. She looked at me with confidence and said, Gerry, here’s what I need today. I need…

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What's Going On In Vermont?

Sliced Bourbon Bacon

WHAT’S GOING ON IN VERMONT? This is exactly what I asked myself when I received the call. When my client “SinpleHome“, a smart home technological company call on me to travel to Vermont on a photo project, my first thought was…Oh boy, here’s my chance to shoot some cows. : ) To my surprise, my…

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UIOs – Unidentified Inanimate Objects

Cobb Hill display

It is no secret that I enjoy photographing inanimate objects. In fact, if I had a choice of photographing objects or live subjects, I would always choose photographing the inanimate objects over any live subject. So when my client, Waters Corporation booked a photo shoot with me and arrive with little 1 inch vials and…

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Crystal Clear – Phone vs. Camera

Etonic shoe diagram

When my client Nicole called on me to photograph this prestigious award to her company Emerson Ecologics, she was very much aware of, and wise to the limits of her infamous iphone. Nicole quickly placed that thing in her purse where it belong and called her favorite photographer….you know who. : ) You see folks,…

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Don’t leave this kid alone with a chair!

Etonic glove

As a commercial photographer, a large number of images I create from day to day require great consistency and attention to detail. Here’s an example of a project done in my studio that explains photographic CONSISTENCY. In this situation, my client an upholster, needed to showcase before and after. This shoot required photographing the completely…

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What separates amateur and professional photography?

Difference 3Z shoe

When my client Jackrabbit Design call on me to capture this luxurious mood filled room for their client Fuller Village senior living community, they were very much aware of the great challenge it could be to capture the essence of this ballroom. Please, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!! I’m making reference to the very dark…

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What do you call cheese that’s not yours??

Jepara SC infographic

Nacho (Not-yo) Cheese! Can everyone say SCHOOL LUNCH? Yes, I can imagine this might be a dreaded thought for many of you if your school lunch was anything like I had back in the day…….don’t get me started now folks. : ) So, when my client High Liner Foods call on me to photograph their…

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As HOT as ICE!

Etonic shoe

When my client Jackrabbit Design called on me to create this cover shot for their client Bauer Hockey Inc, I was honored and jumped to the occasion. I can recall back in the 80s while attending photography school, creating images that defies gravity was by far my greatest passion. This is something I really enjoyed…

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