Shake & Bake

Women superimposed into hall

If I should say, “Shake & Bake” I’m sure crispy chicken laying on a tin sheet in the oven would come to mind. Am I Right? : ) Well, that would be correct, but did you know that there’s a technique used by professional photographers which uses the same term? Here’s an image I created…

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Restaurant interior

This month, Lets get into the COLOR Zone! You may or may not know this, but photographing interiors can be a challenging feat. Some may say, “How difficult can that be?” but they will soon realize while observing the process, that it is indeed a technical art-form. Here’re just a few of the obstacles that…

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What’s for LUNCH?

Fish tacos dish

What’s for LUNCH? How many times has this question been asked everyday? I think it’s fair to say that no one exactly know the answer that, but one thing we do know, when the question is asked, a mental image of favorite foods is suddenly present. Right? Folks, no need for mental image today. Here’s…

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It’s NOT what you think! It’s NOT easy!

Plastic needles

It’s NOT what you think! It’s NOT easy! This month I’m happy to share this photo which at first glance you might say, “What so special about this photo?” Right? Well, when Allen & Gerritsen Advertising Agency call on me to create this image for our mutual client Waters Corporation, I was honored but very…

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Boat captain reading newspaper

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Yes, that too! When my client Network World call on me to create this image, they had to be confident, as the question they asked went something like this. “Gerry, what is your availability? We need to shoot a military captain reading our Network World magazine while standing in front of an…

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A Brief Reflection..

Man using lab sample viewer

Twenty four years ago when Evelyn Images was born, the first question my wife Marcia asked me was “WILL YOU BE PHOTOGRAPHING GIRLS?” Needless to say, my answer was no. As time goes on, it became clear to me that photographing product with a few GIRLS here and there wouldn’t be the same as photographing…

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Don’t Always Trust Your Eyes!

Plastic tools

Don’t always trust your eyes! It’s not what you think….it’s an illusion…its not REAL. When my client Network World called on me to create this images, they had no idea I was an illusionist. Most people when witnessing an illusion, remain in awe throughout the presentation. My client in this case was no different as…

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Eyes Are Not Just for Seeing!


Many years ago, a very successful restaurant client told me “People just don’t eat with their mouths, but also with their eyes” That might be true but don’t just sit there tasting this delectable dessert with your eyes. Take a ride over to Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton Massachusetts and taste the real thing….with your…

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It’s Crunch Time – The Importance of Photo Lighting

Car parked indoors

It’s Crunch Time and you’re probably looking at that spiral bound notebook…right? : ) No worries!! You don’t have to study anything, this is all about the Crunch that you can actually see. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Lighting is the key to great photography. So lets do a Crunch…

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Great Expectations!! – A Photo Shoot of Leather Loafers

Meat in spatula and grill

“Great Expectations” is not only an awesome Charles Dickens novel, it’s also what my clients have when they show up at photo shoots. So when my client Rockport Shoes arrive with three shoes that were not pairs and requested a single photo displaying the uppers and commonly shared sole in one shot, I knew I…

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