Get to the POINT!!!

Needles with varied caps

Let me get straight to the POINT. Photographing needles is NOT easy. That being said, when my client Deb of Mittcom called on me to photograph a couple of hundred needles for their client, she didn’t beat around the bush, she got straight to the POINT. The conversation went something like this. Gerry, I have a tone…

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Why BACKGROUNDs? Well, isn’t it true that in order to truly expose a person, place or thing, one should take the time to checkout its or their BACKGROUND? So when my client who came to me through a referral, called on me to capture the soul of her amazing custom jewelry line, I’m confident that the first…

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Now you see the LIGHT!

Lantern-style light

Now you see the LIGHT! From the beginning of time, people has been fascinated by LIGHT, and for the most part we all take it for granted that LIGHT is and will always be available. LIGHT comes in various forms and can be emitted through a number of sources too many to mention. So what…

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Shoes in colored light

When my client Etonic call on me to photograph their vibrant bowling shoes, right away it was clear to me they were looking for something very DIFFERENT. Why DIFFERENT? Well, for the most part, photographers uses a variety of light sources to illuminate their subjects, but the use of black lights is not often their first choice.…

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Oh BABY!!!

Hands holding waters vial

Oh BABY!!! You say, what is Gerry up to now? 🙂 Often times the word BABY is used in different contexts. For example, the word BABY can be used in reference to something that is small. It can also be used to draw reference to a project or something that has great importance. Often times,…

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Let’s have some FUN!!! :)

G. Greene Construction Holiday Card

Happy New Year!!! Okay, let’s have some FUN! So when my client Adria of G. Green Construction reached out to me to create their 2016 holiday greeting card, the request went something like this. ” Gerry, I need your help, I need an awesome holiday card, and I’m confident you can create it.” Needless to say…

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Very HOT!!!

Groove golf club

As you know, the word HOT could have many different meaning. HOT is sometimes used to describe someone or something that is extraordinarily  beautiful or simply awesome. So when my client “Vertical Groove Golf” reached out to me to create this image of their newest creation for their brand new website, I just had to deliver HOTness. : ) What…

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"IN YOUR FACE!!!" :)

Olive Oil advertisement

“IN YOUR FACE!!!” 🙂 Now what could that possible mean, Gerry? You said… Well, as you know, powerful and commanding advertising is often times most effective when it’s up “IN YOUR FACE.” That being said, when my client Gunn Design LLC, known for their “IN YOUR FACE” advertising, called on me to capture images for…

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Here’s the BEEF!!!

Filet Mignon

When my client Xavinci call on me to capture a number of food items for their client Kens Steakhouse, they had no idea this chunk of BEEF would make the cut for my photo of the month blog. I must say, although every item on the menu was simply scrumptious and amazing, this perfectly cooked…

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This is BIG and POWERFUL!!!

Extreme perspective of truck

This is BIG and POWERFUL!!! If you’re looking at the liquefied natural gas tanker image (LNG), you’re probably thinking my photo of the month is pertaining to that product. If you are, you would be partially correct. When my bran-new client Worthington Industries called on me to photograph this BIG and POWERFUL product, I had…

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